About Lakshman

Updated on Sep 21, 2016

Documented as Laxman Basnet, I love writing Lakshman everywhere.
I’m a: Full time: 📖Computer Science Student, 🔌Tech Enthusiast
Part-time: 📷Photographer, 🚶Traveler, 📝Blogger, 🌳Nature Lover, 💻Programmer and a Passionate sleeper too 😀

my Gears
I love using Linux Operating System. I am using Linux OS all time since last 2 years. I have intermediate knowledge with Manjaro, Ubuntu and I know the flavour of Cent OS and Puppy Linux too. 😛 Currently, I am loving using Fedora by Redhat since past 6 months.
I use Mozilla Firefox all time to browse the internet, I simply love Firefox.
You can see me with 600D Canon Camera when I travel places. I love taking cool photos.
I recently updated to iOS10 on my smartphone, I use my phone to take videos most of the time and post on youtube.
I prefer Telegram to stay connected to close ones. After I started using Telegram, Viber, messenger and other messaging applications seem slow to me.
I am trying hard to get a Macbook before my last semester. I just love technology and want to experience new.
Also, I want to take cool photos and videos soon with Gopro Hero adventure camera.
I am also planning to either make or get a drone to attach GoPro and shoot awesome scenes and videos.
I have so many dreams…

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I have pointed out the major places I have been till now.

I upload videos on this YouTube channel.

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