why and how?

Since long, I am trying to contribute a little from my side by making videos on YouTube, publishing different web contents and doing creatives.

I know you also want to join in making this world a better one, I understand you are super busy and don't have enough schedule or don't know where to start.

Don't worry, join hands with me, support me, you will be making a direct impact while you can concentrate on your business.

If you like what I am doing and think that I can do even better, or would like to show some love and encourage me to work harder, you can make small contribution today.

Using following PayPal Donate option through secured online channel, you can donate any amount through any cards or online wallets in less than a minutes.

... in return?

  I can provide you any of my professionals services for you in return.

Please refer to https://lakshmanbasnet.com/#services or https://lakshmanbasnet.com/resume to find what I can do for you.

  I will list out your name/ business in supporters section across all my networks of web, blog, youtube and site, or keep it confidential if you don't want.

 vote of thanks ...

Thank you so much! :)
Have a lovely day!