All About Christianity in Nepal with Church List

Christianity is one of the most practised religion in Nepal and there are hundreds of Christian churches in Nepal. According to the census data of 2011 AD, 1.4% of Nepal’s population practice Christianity, making it the fifth most practised religion in Nepal.

With time, the number of people practising Christianity and the number of churches is increasing in numbers, making Nepali church one of the fastest-growing in the world.

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This blog post will give you a brief idea about Christianity in Nepal, short history, Christianity data followed by a list of churches spread across Nepal.

This information has been compiled from various sources and has been tried to maintain the accuracy of the information presented, however, we can’t guarantee the accuracy.

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Quick Facts about Christianity in Nepal

  • Catholic Capuchin in 1715 established the first Christian mission to Nepal
  • Fifth most practised religion in Nepal with 375,699 adherents or 1.4% of the population (2011 census data)
  • Nepali church began to grow rapidly after conversion restrictions were relaxed after the introduction of multiparty democracy in 1990

Nepal’s Christianity data

Total number of the Christian population 375,699*
Percentage of Christians in Nepal 1.4%

  • *according to 2011 census data.
    many scholars report that the number of the Christian population is underestimated in Nepal and is estimated to be around 1 million



Year Baptized Christians
1966 100
1973 500
1977 1,400
1980 7000
1982 10,000
1985 25,000
1990 50,000


Year Baptized Christians
1992 75,000
1998 300,000
1999 400,000


List of Churches in Nepal

1 Aadarsha Baptist Church Aanarmuni-05, Jhapa
2 Aakrang Baptist Church Pokhara
3 Aaradhana Baptist Church Maheshwor-09, Jhapa
4 Aaradhana Baptist Church Dharan Bazar, Sunsari
5 Aaradhana Baptist Church Baspani-09, Khotang
6 Aashish Baptist Church Dhuwakot-01, Khiragaira
7 Aashish Presbyterian Church Thasikhel, Lalitpur
8 Alpha Bible Church  
9 Amar Darshan Church Pinglasthan, Gaushala
10 Anandaban Church Tikabhairab, Lalitpur
11 Anandit Church  
12 Ananta Asha Church Ekantakuna, Lalitpur
13 Ananta Jiwan Church Kumaripati, Lalitpur
14 Ananta Jiwan Church Chapagou, Lalitpur
15 Ananta Jiwan Church Manikhel, Lalitpur
16 Ananta Jiwan Church Mulpani, Kathmandu
17 Ananta Shalom Church Sinchahiti, Lalitpur
18 Anmol Church Pragyapokhari, Lalitpur
19 Anmol Church Badikhel, Lalitpur
20 Anmol Hindi Fellowship Bhanimandal, Lalitpur
21 Anmol Hindi Fellowship Bouddha, Kathmandu
22 Anugrah Vijaya Church Kapan, Kathmandu
23 Anugraha Ashish Church Sanobharang, Soyambhu
24 Anugraha Balaju Church  
25 Anugraha Baptist Church Agra-01, Makawanpur
26 Anugraha Baptist Church Butwal, Rupandehi
27 Anugraha Baptist Church Godwari -2, Kailali
28 Anugraha Church Suryabinayak, Bhaktapur
29 Anugraha Church Chapagou, Lalitpur
30 Areopagus Congregation Satdobato,Lalitpur
31 Ariapagus Church  
32 Arpan Baptist Church Chitwan
33 Arun Baptist Church Mathathar, Bhojpur
34 Asha Church Lalitpur, Nepal
35 Ashis Baptist Church Imadol, Lalitpur
36 Asish Baptist Church Okharpauwa, Nuwakot
37 Asrang Baptist Fellowship Akrang, Lalitpur
38 Attarkhel Baptist Church Jorpati-07, Kathmandu
39 Baikuntha Baptist Church Chapagau, Bhojpur
40 Baireni Baptist Church Baireni-08, Dhading
41 Bakshila Baptist Church Bakshila-07, Khotang
42 Bal Darshan Church Manamaiju-8, Kathmandu
43 Balaju Baptist Church Balaju, Kathmandu
44 Bansbari Church  
45 Baptist Church Balkhu, Lalitpur
46 Barampur Baptist Church Chitwan
47 Bardibas Baptist Church Mahotari, Janakpur
48 Barkhe Baptist Church Phedi-06, Khotang
49 Basantipur Madi Baptist Fellowship Chitwan
50 Bastipur Baptist Church Bastipur, Siraha
51 Belbari Baptist Church Belbari-02, Morang
52 Belsara Baptist Church Nawalparasi, Lamjung
53 Beria Church Thochu, Lalitpur
54 Beth-Shalom Apaghari Fellowship Aapghari, Pachkhal
55 Beth-shalom evergreen church Banepa
56 Bethani Anugraha Church Bagdol, Lalitpur
57 Bethani Baptist Church Belvaria Butwal, Rupandehi
58 Bethani Baptist Church Bhimgethi Arewa, Gulmi
59 Bethani Baptist Church Butwal Butwal, Rupandehi
60 Bethani Baptist Church Khahare Khahare Baglung
61 Bethani Baptist Church Kudula Kudula, Baglung
62 Bethani Baptist Church Kushma Butwal, Rupandehi
63 Bethani Baptist Church Lausha Butwal, Rupandehi
64 Bethani Baptist Church Murgiya Butwal, Rupandehi
65 Bethani Baptist Church Pragatinagar Butwal, Rupandehi
66 Bethani Baptist Fellowship Parbat Lespar Parbat
67 Bethany Baptist Church, Chandrauta Butwal, Kapilvastu
68 Bethel I.P.A Church Baniyatar, Gangabu
69 Bethel Nawa jeevan church Banepa
70 Better covenant church Pepsikola road
71 Bhaktapur christian church Suryabinayak, Bhaktapur
72 Bhaktapur Church Barahi chowk
73 Bhaktapur Evangelical Friend Church Bhaktapur
74 Bhaktapur Prasansa Church Gundu-1, Bhaktapur
75 Bhanjyang methodist church Bhaisepati
76 Bharatpur Baptist Church Bharatpur, Chitwan
77 Bhojard Baptist Church Chitwan
78 Bible Base Baptist Church Kailali
79 Bijaya Church Panauti
80 Binaya Church Talchikhel
81 Biratchowk Baptist Church Biratchowk, Morang
82 Biratnagar Baptist Church Biratnagar, Morang
83 Birtamod Baptist Church Birtamod-04, Jhapa
84 Bouddha Baptist Church Bouddha, Kathmandu
85 Budabare Baptist Church Letang-06, Morang
86 Butku Hosanna Baptist Church Butku, Udayapur
87 Canaan Prayer house Baneshwor
88 Chagu Prasansa Church Chagu, Bhaktapur
89 Chandragadi Baptist Church Chandragadi-08, Jhapa
90 Changathali Baptist Fellowship Tikathali, Lalitpur
91 Change Life Fellowship Nakkhu
92 Chanuwa Baptist Church Chanuwa-07, Dhankuta
93 Chapagaon Baptist Church Chapagaon, Lalitpur
94 Chapagoan Church  
95 Chapagown Hope Church Chapagown, Lalitpur
96 Chela Sangati Satdobato,Lalitpur
97 Chemsune Baptist Church Phedi-03, Khotang
98 Chhange Baptist Church Maipokhari-07, Illam
99 Chiprung Baptist Church Baspani-05, Khotang
100 Chitwan Indigenus Baptist Church Chitwan
101 Christ Glory Congregation Dhobighat, Lalitpur
102 Christiyan Baptist Church Phuling-07, Taplejung
103 Christrya Baptist Church Tamfula-07, Terathum
104 Chunikhel Church Chunikhel, Kapan
105 Church of God Manbhawan, Lalitpur
106 Collossi Church Decocha, Chau Road
107 Covenant Church Siuchatar
108 Cross-Way Community Church  
109 Cyrene Baptist Church Gachhiya, Morang
110 Dadagaun Baptist Church Mahamahi-02, Illam
111 Dakha Baptist Church Dankha-01, Bhojpur
112 Dakhbari Church Bhanimandal,Lalitpur
113 Damak Baptist Church Hawaldarchok, Jhapa
114 Darshan Baptist Church Dhulikhel, Kavre
115 Devine Baptist Fellowship Jharuwarashi, Lalitpur
116 Devpur Church Kavre
117 Dhaireni Baptist Church Palpa Bazar, Tansen
118 Dhangadi Baptist Church Hasanpur, Kailali
119 Dhankuta Baptist Church Dhankuta-07, Dhankuta
120 Dhapakhel Baptist Church Dhapakhel, Lalitpur
121 Dhapakhel Church Dhapakhel
122 Dharan Hosanna Baptist Church Dharan, Sunsari
123 Dholahitti Hebron Church  
124 Dhulikhel Evangelical Friends Church  
125 Dhulikhel United Methodist Church  
126 Dibyabani Baptist Church Bhagalpur, Udayapur
127 Dibyajyoti Baptist Church Budhabare-07, Jhapa
128 Diktel Baptist Church Sangam Park, Khotang
129 Dingla Baptist Church Dingla, Bhojpur
130 Dorangi Baptist Church Chitwan
131 Dumle Baptist Church Phawakhola-09, Taplejung
132 Dumre Baptist Church Khuwakhop, Dhankuta
133 Ekta Church Kusunti, Lalitpur
134 Elhoin Baptist Church Schooldada, Dhankuta
135 Elim Church  
136 Elim worship Church Maharajgunj
137 Eliya Church Banepa
138 Ephesians Church Sitapila, Kathmandu
139 Ephesus Church Kupondole, Lalitpur
140 Ephphatha Church Mata Tirtha, Kathmandu
141 Evangelical Ashish Church Bhaktapur
142 Evangelical Ashish Church Lokanthali
143 Evangelical Ashish Church Samakhusi
144 Exodus Church Duwakot, Bhaktapur
145 Faith Baptist Church Imadol, Lalitpur
146 Family of God Church  
147 Fasera Faserni Baptist Church Khaireni-08, Chitwan
148 Galed Church Kavre
149 Gathaghar Baptist Church Gathaghar, Bhaktapur
150 Getshemane Baptist Church Bharatpur-02, Chitwan
151 Ghangri Church Jawalakhel, Lalitpur
152 Godawori Christian Centre Godawori, Lalitpur
153 Godawori Immanuel Church Godawori, Lalitpur
154 Golgotha Church Pragyapokhari, Lalitpur
155 Gongabu Christian Church Gongabu
156 Gorkha Ashis Baptist Fellowship Dhuwakot-2, Gorkha
157 Grace Baptist Church Duwagadi-04, Jhapa
158 Grace Baptist Church Pangrang, Parbat
159 Grace Christian Church Thimi
160 Grace Church Dhobighat, Lalitpur
161 Grace Community Church Satdobato, Lalitpur
162 Grace Gospel Church Talchikhel
163 Grace Pasture Church Sundarijal, Kathmandu
164 Greater Grace Church Pepsikola
165 Guras Baptist Fellowship Guras, Kavre
166 Gurash Baptist Church Gurash, Udayapur
167 Hardi Baptist Church Bhadara-02, Chitwan
168 Harvest Church Bhaktapur
169 Hephzibah Church Imadole, Lalitpur
170 Himalayan Christian Church Lalitpur
171 Himalayan Crusade Pentecostal Church Dhobighat, Lalitpur
172 Himalayan Hope Church Dhapasi
173 Himalayan Life Church Kapan, Kathmandu
174 Holy Grace Church Koteshwor, Kathmandu
175 Hope Baptist Church Thaiba, Lalitpur
176 Hope Church Byasi, Bhaktapur
177 Hope Church Mahankal, Kathmandu
178 Hosanna Church Jorpati, Kathmandu
179 Hurbu Shanti Baptist Church Orkhe, Bhojpur
180 Illam Baptist Church Illambazar-09, Illam
181 Immanual Baptist Church Chitwan
182 Immanuel Baptist Church Dadatole, Khotang
183 Immanuel Church Satdobato,Lalitpur
184 Immanuel Church Thaiba, Lalitpur
185 Immanuel Church Talchikhel
186 Immanuel Prayer House Basundhara
187 Immunal Baptist Church Jungdada, Rukum
188 Inspirations Fellowship  
189 Ithari Baptist Church Aaitabare, Sunsari
190 Jaitun Baptist Church Dharan, Sunsari
191 Jaitun Baptist Fellowship Patan VDC-13, Baitadi
192 Jeevan Dine Mandali Kavre
193 Jeevan Dine Mandali Kavre
194 Jeevan Dine Mandali Kavre
195 Jeevan Jhunda Pulchowk
196 Jeevan Jyoti Church kavre
197 Jeevan Shanti Church Kavre
198 Jehovah Jireh Church  
199 Jeshurun Church  
200 Jesus’ Assembly  
201 Jitpur Baptist Church Chitwan
202 Jitpur Prasansa Church Sipadol
203 Jorpati Evabgelical Friends Church Jorpati, Kathmandu
204 Joshua Nissi Church Tamaghat, Pachkal
205 Jugedi Baptist Fellowsship Chitwan
206 Jyoti Great Commission Church Mahalaxmisthan, Lalitpur
207 Jyoti International Church Balkumari
208 Jyoti Mahima Church Annapurna Chowk
209 Kalabanjar Baptist Church Tinkune, Sunsari
210 Karshiya Baptist Church Bardiyabirtha-04, Morang
211 Karuna Memorial United Methodist Church Katunju, Bhaktapur
212 Katari Baptist Church Katari Bazar, Udayapur
213 Katha Baptist Felloship Godawari VDC -8, Kailali
214 Kathmandu Baptist Church Dhungedhara, Kathmandu
215 Kathmandu Church kathmandu
216 Kathmandu Evangelical Friends Church Chettrapati
217 Kathmandu Spiritual Church Sinamangal
218 Kathmandu United Methodist Church Koteshwor
219 Kathmandu Valley Baptist Church Bhatbhateni, Kathmandu
220 Kavre Church Kavre
221 Kawashoti Baptist Church Kawashoti, Nawalparasi
222 KCC Philadelphia Church Sainbu
223 Kerkha Baptist Church Topgachi-07, Jhapa
224 Kesarbagh Baptist Church Chitwan
225 Khadbari Baptist Church Khadbari-01, Sankhuwasabha
226 Khani Baptist Church Tiringe-09, Taplejung
227 khoppa Church Byasi, Bhaktapur
228 Khumaltar church Khumaltar, Lalitpur
229 khushi Church Gwarko
230 Koinonia Balaju Church Basantanagar, Balaju
231 Koinonia Bhaktapur Church Sallaghari
232 koinonia Bhudhanilkantha Bishnu VDC-8
233 Koinonia Bungamati Church Bungamati
234 Koinonia Jolkhy Church Bungmati
235 Koinonia Lele Church Lalitpur
236 Koinonia Lubhu Church Lubhu
237 Koinonia markhu Church Thankot
238 Koinonia New Baneshwor Church Shantinagar
239 Koinonia Patan Church Kumaripati, Lalitpur
240 Koinonia Pharping Church Pharping
241 Koinonia Sankhu Church Sankhu
242 koinonia Sitapaila Church Sitapila, Kathmandu
243 Koinonia Thankot church Thankot
244 Kripa Church Kadaghari
245 Kritangnya Church Thimi
246 Kritipur Church Kritipur
247 Kulekhani Baptist Fellowship Makawanpur
248 Lajimpat Church Lajimpat
249 lalitpur Baptist Church  
250 Lalitpur Local Church Sinchahiti, Lalitpur
251 Lalparsha Baptist Fellowship Chitwan
252 Lankaline Baptist Church Lankaline, Chitwan
253 Lekhnath Baptist Church Pokhara
254 Lekhnath Baptist Fellowship Pokhara, Kaski
255 Lelep Baptist Church Lelep-01, Taplejung
256 Letang Baptist Church Letang-06, Morang
257 Lingkhim Baptist Church Lingkhim-07, Taplejung
258 Living Baptist Church Bagbazar Bagbazar, Kathmandu
259 Living Baptist Church Chaughare Chaughare, Lalitpur
260 Living Baptist Church Dhumbarai Dhumbarai, Kathmandu
261 Living Baptist Church Lalitpur Lalitpur-14, Lalitpur
262 living Baptist Church Madi Chitwan
263 Living Baptist Church Mainapokhari Mainapokhari, Dolakha
264 Living Baptist Church Matatirtha Matatirtha, Kathmandu
265 Living Baptist Church Sallaghari Sallaghari, Bhaktapur
266 Living Baptist Church Surkhet Municiplity-8, Surkhet
267 Living Baptist Church Thaiba Thaiba, Lalitpur
268 Lokanthali Church of Pentecost Lokanthali
269 Lubhoo Church Lamatar
270 Lungrupa Baptist Church Lungrupma-04, Pachthar
271 Macadonia Baptist Church Dhulikhel, Kavre
272 Macedonia Church Dulikhel
273 Machhapuchare Baptist Church Pokhara
274 Machhapuchare Baptist Fellowship Pokhara, Kaski
275 Madan Nagar Baptist Church Jarbuta, Surkhet
276 Madipur Baptist Church Chitwan
277 Mahima baptist Church Sainbu
278 Mahima Baptist Church Langrupa-02, Pachthar
279 Mahima Baptist Church Palpa Bazar, Palpa
280 Mahima Baptist Fellowship Kapan, Kathmandu
281 Mahima Church  
282 Mahimako Bdei Church Sinamangal
283 Mamatem Baptist Church Mamatem Khotang
284 Mamling Baptist Church Mamling-07, Sankhuwasabha
285 Masihi Church Ghalate, Suryabinayak
286 Meghauli Baptist Church Meghauli, Chitwan
287 Mercy Baptist Church Kusuntiphat, Lalitpur
288 Mero Path Way Church balkot
289 Milantar Baptist Fellowship Milantar, Dhading
290 Milap Baptist Church Godwari-2, Kailali
291 Milap Church Balambu
292 Mile Stone Church Chapli, Budanilkantha
293 Missionary Baptist Church Godawari, Kailali
294 Mitra Mandali Dhulikhel
295 Mizpa Church Kupondole
296 Moravin Upasana Church Gyawali Marg
297 Motigadha Baptist Church Motigadha, Udayapur
298 Mukti Baptist Church Prithivi Basti Nawalparasi
299 Naikap Church New Naikap
300 Namrata Church Ministry Chabahil, Kathmandu
301 Namuna Baptist Church Dinglabazar, Bhojpur
302 Namuna Baptist Church Rajdur, Nawalparasi
303 Namuna Church Chapli-8
304 Naudara Baptist Fellowship Pokhara, Kaski
305 Navodaya Church Bagdol, Lalitpur
306 Nawa Jyoti Church  
307 Naya Baptist Church Shiwa-04, Pachthar
308 Naya Bato Church Nayabato, Dhobighat
309 Naya Geet Church Nakkhu
310 Naya Jeevan Baptist Church Imadol, Lalitpur
311 Naya Jerusalem Church Maharajgunj
312 Naya Shristi Church Budhanilkanta
313 Nazarene Church  
314 Nepal Bijeta Church Dhumbrahi
315 Nepal Christian Gospel Church Gwarko
316 Nepal Evangel Presbyterian Church Lalitpur
317 Nepal Evangelical City Church Nayabazar
318 Nepal Gospel Church Kusunti, Lalitpur
319 Nepal Hebron Church Dholahiti
320 Nepal Missionary Church  
321 Nepal Multicultural Church Bhaktapur
322 Nepal New Vision Church Jawalakhel, Lalitpur
323 Nepali Isai Mandali Kalopul
324 New Hope Church Nakkhu
325 New Life Apostolic Church Talchikhel
326 New Life Church Bode, Bhaktapur
327 New Life Gospel Church  
328 New Life Mission Church Sukedhara
329 New Vision Church Dholahiti
330 Nimbuwa Baptist Church Morang
331 Num Baptist Church Sankhuwasabha
332 Ojhetar Church Ojhetar
333 Okhre Baptist Church Thukima-08, Taplejung
334 Onnuri Glorious Church Chandol
335 over Following Love Ecclesia Kousaltar
336 Pabitra Baptist Church Singadevi-09, Morang
337 Pachkhal Koinonia Church Pachkhal
338 Padajungi Baptist Church Lakhanpur-01, Jhapa
339 Padariya Baptist Church Chitwan
340 Patkaru Baptist Church Phedi-05, Khotang
341 Pawitra church Ekantakuna
342 Peniel Church Bhanimandal, Lalitpur
343 Phidim Baptist Church Phidim-04, Pachthar
344 Phoolbari Church Phoolbari
345 Pidrahani Baptist Church Chitwan
346 Pishon River Church Bagdol, Lalitpur
347 Pokhara Baptist Church Pokhara
348 Prabhuko Abishek Mandali Tikhidewal
349 Prakash Church Dhungedhara
350 Prasansa Baptist Church Kaluwapur, Kanchanpur
351 Prashamsha Church Lazimpat
352 Prasun Church  
353 Prathana Bhawan Ramhiti, Bouddha
354 Pratigya Baptist Church Gongabu, Kathmandu
355 Punarjagaran Church Kusunti
356 Puwakhola Baptist Church Maipokhari-03, Illam
357 Resurrection Ecclesia Banasthali
358 Revival Church Satdobato, Lalitpur
359 Rofeka Nawa Jeevan Church Nayabasti, Banepa
360 RTN Church Bhaisepati
361 Saarungbaa Baptist Church Saarungbaa-06, Ilam
362 Sagarmatha Church Pulchowk
363 Salvation Church Kwar, Kritipur
364 Samdan Baptist Church Gongabu, Kathmandu
365 Sanothali Believers Church  
366 SARA Church on the Rock Dhumbarahi
367 Saralung Baptist Church Phedi-01, Khotang
368 SDA Church Bhaktapur
369 Shabuoth Church  
370 Shaktisali Baptist Church Nakhhu, Lalitpur
371 Shalim Baptist Church Laxmimarga, Morang
372 Shalim Baptist Church Bhogteni-08, Kharbani, Morang
373 Shalom AG Church  
374 Shalom Church Gongabu
375 Shanti Aradhana Church Nepaltar
376 Shanti Baptist Church Gongabu, Kathmandu
377 Shanti Baptist Fellowship Kohalpur NTV Road Banke
378 shanti Church Toukhel
379 Shanti Jeevan (peach Life) Church Siddhipur, Lalitpur
380 Shantinagar Baptist Church Shantinagar, Sunsari
381 Shining Glory Church Thadobharyang
382 Shristi Church Kapan, Kathmandu
383 Shyaulibash Baptist Church Madi, Chitwan
384 Sindhuli Baptist Church Kamalamai, Sindhuli
385 Siwon Baptist Church Bokshay, Udayapur
386 smyrna Church Gongabu
387 Sonapur Baptist Church Kadamgachhi, Sunsari
388 Srijana Church Bagdol, Lalitpur
389 Sumdel Baptist Church Dadatole Khotang
390 Sunakothi Hope Church Sunakothi, lalitpur
391 Sunakoti Baptist Fellowship Sunakoti, Lalitpur
392 Sundar Dhoka Church Jawalakhel, Lalitpur
393 Suryanagar Baptist Church Chitwan
394 Tadi Baptist Church Tadi-05, Morang
395 Tadi Baptist Church Ratnanagar-04, Chitwan
396 Tarachowk Baptist Church Bhulbhule-09, Tarachowk, Lamjung
397 Tarahara Shanti Baptist Church Tarahara Korean Chowk, Sunsari
398 Terathum Baptist Church Putalibajar, Terathum
399 The Meeting Hall of the Church in Kathmandu  
400 Thecho Christian Church Thecho
401 Thecho Ekta Mandali Thecho
402 Thimi Apostolic Church Thimi
403 Thimi Upasana Church Thimi
404 Thoklung Baptist Church Namjang Terathum
405 Three Group Baptist Fellowship Chitwan
406 Thulbase Baptist Church Bawanedada-07, Lamjung
407 Thumki Hosanna Baptist Church Basbote-06, Udayapur
408 Tirpureshwor Christian Church Slums area, Tirpureshwor
409 Tokha Church Tokha
410 Tomane Baptist Church Phedi-02, Khotang
411 Truth Assembly Baneshwore
412 United Methodist Church Srijana Nagar, Bhaktapur
413 United Vision Church Soyambhu
414 Upasana Church  
415 Upasana Fellowship Sainbu
416 Upasana Tinpilpe Baptist Church Panchkhal, Kavre
417 Upashana Baptist Church Phidim-07, Pachthar
418 Valley View Church Pulchowk
419 Vedifaram Baptist Church Pokhara
420 Victory Church  
421 Vijaya Church Thasikhel
422 Wesley Methodist Church Satdobato, Lalitpur
423 Word of the world Church of Nepal Khumaltar, Lalitpur
424 Yangnaam Baptist Church Yangnaam-07, Pachthar
425 Yonsei Central Baptist Church Nawalparasi
426 Zion Church Sobhahiti
427 Zion Rofeka Church Kavre

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many churches are there in Nepal?


There are more than a thousand churches in Nepal and the number is increasing.


When did Christianity start in Nepal?


Catholic Capuchin in 1715 established the first Christian mission to Nepal


How many Christians are there in Nepal?


According to the census data of 2011 AD, 375,699 -1.4% of the total population follow Christianity.
However, scholars consider this number to be underestimated and the total Christian population is to estimated to be around 1 million.


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