document verification in Nepal

If you are applying for any universities abroad, they require your educational documents to be verified with stamp from different organizations here in Nepal. Here I am sharing with you all the general process for verifying documents starting from University ending to Embassy. It can be staged into four major phases.

1. In the University

  • First thing to do, is getting your educational documents verified from your university
  • You need to visit to University’s central office, if you are a graduate of TU then you need to go to Balkhu
  • fill an application form, pay some charges at the bank counter
  • you shouldn’t be amazed to see a huge crowd
  • visit the verification department with your document (original or photocopies)
  • they will put stamp on the document and hand you back
  • if you reach office on time it might get finished within an hour

2. Education Ministry, Kesharmahal

  • Take the verified documents from TU to Education Wing at Thamel, Kesharmahal
  • The queue won’t be long
  • no need to fill any application forms
  • handover the documents and it will be instantly done
  • if there’s no queue it won’t take more than a couple of minutes to finish

3. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tripureshwor

  • Take the verified document from education wing
  • don’t get amazed to see a really huge crowd here
  • you need to submit a photocopy of the documents you need to verify from here, meaning that you need to make a copy of the document you verified in education ministry by photocopying.
  • if you are verifying some one other’s document than you need to submit a photocopy of your citizenship and the document owner.
  • officers might ask for a authorization letter if you the document if being verified in someone’s behalf
  • find the application form, it might be difficult to sort everything there because of huge crowd
  • with the application form you will get a token number, fill the form and wait for your turn to pay the fees at bank counter

  • submit documents at the indicated counter

  • wait until your turn comes
  • before it used to take a lot of time, now if you have sufficient documents and everything ready, most possibly you will get your documents verifed within 30 minutes!! this is cool! :D

4. At the Embassy (depends)

  • some universities require that your documents to be verified by their embassies too
  • visit respective country’s embassy and submit documents
  • they might require foreign currencies like US Dollar as charges, contact your embassy beforehand to make sure of it
  • depending upon the working style of embassy they make take time upto a week or more.

Points to Remember:

  • carry your original documents with you, some place require and some keep until documents are verified

  • You need to submit same document from stage 1 to stage 4.

  • verification at each stage requires the document to be verified at earlier stage this means, to get your documents verified at Foreign Affairs, the document should be verified before at Education Ministry, and Education Ministry similarly requires University’s verification to verify

  • You can’t skip any steps (stage 4 might be optional)

  • You can verify your original document or their photocopies or both

  • the charge will increase with increase in number of papers to be verified

  • almost all above offices will be closed on Saturdays and Government Holidays

  • some offices have specific timing make sure of them

  • Nepali Government Offices on friday after ~2pm they mightn’t accept

  • if you are verifying someone other’s document maybe of your relatives or friends, they might ask for some relationship proofs or some request letter with the document owner’s signature

  • I recommend you to take earphones, some snacks so you can enjoy while waiting!

If you have any queries or confusion, leave in comment below, I will be more than happy to get back to you.

Good Day!