In this post, you will learn the general format for report writing for BSW Second Year.

Your report should be divided into three chapters:

  • Chapter I
  • Chapter II
  • Chapter III

Format/Guidelines for Report Writing TU BASW Second Year

Chapter I

1.1 Background of the study

Student should give general introduction of the study. Various problems and issues relevant to the study title are necessary to write historically in support of literatures. If it is possible, it is better to give the general scenario of the study title from international level to national and local level. Being based on the literatures, various issues and problems associated with the study need to be brought out through different angles.

1.2 Introduction of the Organization

Student should give general introduction where they do their social work.

1.3 Objectives of the Organization

Student should write about the objectives of the organization.

1.4 Structure of the Organization

General structure of the organization should be given.

1.5 Function/Activities of the Organization

The various activities carried out by the organization are written here.

Chapter II

2.1 Rationale of the site selection

Here student should provide scientific and genuine reasons for the selection of particular organization or place or community for the social work practice or research study.

2.2 Information Collection Tools and Techniques

There are various tools of data collection such as questionnaire, interview, case study, observation etc., out of such tools what tools have applied for collection of what nature of information need to be explained.

2.3 Major Problems faced by the Clients

In this section, students should present the major problems faced by the clients. While mentioning the problems, students are suggested also to scrutinize the casual factors of engedering such problems. Students should present these factors in table or charts with their sources and proper analysis of the data. Case studies(in the italic form) and photos, representing the major issues of the studies also can be inserted in the middle of the text as per contextual need. But photos can be presented also in the final part of the report in “appendixe” without presenting in the main text.

2.4 Activities carried out by the student

In this section, student should write about the activities that they performed during their work in the organization and describe the following:

a) Nature of the activity
b) Impact on client
c) Knowledge gained

Chapter III

3.1 Summary

Under this topic, students should present their report very precisely so that readers could know what have been throughout the report after a glance of the summary.

3.2 Conclusion

It is suggested to mention briefly student’s evaluation and vision toward the problem that they dealth with.

3.3 Recommendations

In this section, students are suggested to mention their suggestions pertaining to what should be done for the amelioration of problem for short-term and long term bassis by concerned sectors.

This guideline have been extracted by handsout provided in one of the constituent campuses. We don’t own any copyrights or any rights. Posted for educational purposes. Thank You.

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