Nepal is a remittance based company. Most of the people here in Nepal depend upon their family member working somewhere in foreign countries be it in developed countries or golf nations.

There are several reasons why young manpower are leaving their country with the aim of earning a better income abroad.

Some might consider as braindrain, but there are different reasons behind the scenes. Because of weak governance system, people have less faith upon the government. Employment opportunities are very limited, and even if someone gets a job, its really hard to feed one’s family twice a day with the salary they get. For low skilled and semi skilled manpower, the situation is even more worse. …

To give their family a better living standard and make their family able to live happily fulfilling their basic need, many Nepalese fly abroad. And there is no doubt that the major source of income of entire nation is remittance sent by the Nepali workers working abroad to their family here. There won’t be a huge debate if anyone says, Nepal is remittance dependent country, yes it is! It will be until, the scenario changes…

Here below, I have compiled list of private companies providing remittance services to Nepalese. According to Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB), 49 different companies have been licensed till date in remittance operation.

List of Licensed Remittance Companies in Nepal

Easylink Remittance Pvt. Ltd

Annapurna Travel and Tours (P) Ld

IME Limited

CG FINCO Pvt. Ltd.

Sewa Remit Pvt. Ltd.

Prabhu Money Transfer Pvt. Ltd.

Lalit Money Transfer P. Ltd.

United Remit Pvt. Ltd.

Nepal Remit International Pvt. ltd.

Hulas Remittance Pvt. Ltd.

Nepal Universal Money Transfer Service Pvt. Ltd.

Samsara Remit Pvt. Ltd.

Modern Money Express Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

City Express Money Transfer Pvt. Ltd.

Advance Money Transfer Pvt Ltd

Nava Durga Money Transfer Pvt. Ltd.

Zenith Remit Pvt. Ltd.

Surya Remit Pvt. Ltd.

Panos Remmit Pvt. Ltd.

Digitek Remittance Pvt. Ltd.

C.G. Money Remit Pvt. Ltd.

J.M.E. Remit Company Pvt. Ltd.

Yes Remit Pvt. Ltd.

Times Remit Pvt. Ltd.

I Pay Remit (P.) Ltd.

My Remit Pvt. Ltd.

Kantipur Remit (P.) Ltd.

G.M.E. Remit (P.) Ltd.

Pashupati Nepal Remit (P.) Ltd.

Sansar Remit Pvt. Ltd.

Mahakali Remit Pvt. Ltd.

K.M.E. International Remittance Pvt. Ltd.

Maya Remit Pvt. Ltd.

Goodwill Remit Pvt. Ltd.

Thamel Remit Pvt. Ltd.

Gandaki Remit Pvt. Ltd.

Smart Remit Pvt. Ltd.

CFS Remit Pvt. Ltd.

Global Mountain Remit Pvt. Ltd.

Boom Remittance Pvt. Ltd.

Overseas Remit Pvt. Ltd.

Max Money Transfer Pvt. Ltd.

Remit to Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

Q. S. Remit Pvt. Ltd.

Buddha International Remit Pvt. Ltd.

Ramro Remit Pvt. Ltd.

Cashway Money Transfer Pvt. Ltd.

National Money Transfer Pvt. Ltd.

Esara Remit Pvt. Ltd.