It has been couple of months I have dived into discovering Redhat Enterprise Linux 7.

Meanwhile using this enterpise edition Linux OS, I am making some notes of different things I faced and how I solved so that it would be quicker to solve if I face similar problems in future.

Also, I am making this publicly available so that anyone get the hints when needed.

All the notes are available as short and useful blog posts at

Tap above and give a go and check it out!!

You might ask why at another sub domain?

I have placed rhel blogs at another sub domain just to make it particularly focused on Redhat things. While this blog is where most others posts will be. I don’t want to make this blog site heavily concentrated with Redhat posts only as I keep writing on diversed topics and my visitors come here for different contents.

Any other sub domains? :D

Hmm, not now, but I might add one soon about Onion Omega 2 how to and tutorials.

It might go live on, But I am quite unsure till now, to make a separate site or just a thread here with all posts inside.

Why do you keep adding sub domains and make separate website for each? Why do you spend so much time creating websites?

:D Actually, its just a single command to generate a new blog site for me. Since, I heavily use Jekyll with Github for blog sites, one can setup a fully functioning, clean and responsive site in just a single command and in few seconds!!