It was already more than One and half years I haven’t been to home. Last time, I went to Galkot was after the Nepal Earthquake in April. Since then I was staying in Kathmandu. I didn’t celebrate last year’s Dashain- Tihar, I stayed here alone and cooked self and enjoyed my time being here. Also, at that time, I worked as a Computer Teacher in Naulo Jyoti School and the classes ran in between Dashain-Tihar holidays hence I didn’t get a lot of enough holidays. Since then, I was waiting a lot for the time I could go back home and relax and relax, get refreshed.

Trying to be wild

Some reasons why wanted to be back home soon :

  • It was already more than a year, I haven’t been to home.
  • I was missing my Bhanji Rihana a lot, wanted to meet her soon, play and laugh with her.
  • Not much but I felt little bit tired of cooking everyday here on my own, intead being home I could have some good food.
  • I was in need of break from usual schedule.

So, I thought of going home soon. Actually I went on my brother’s bus ticket as he had some health problems. I went to TECHRISE and asked for vacation leave, and then the next day I left for my home. I can’t express how happy I was to go home. The bus journey from here to Baglung was quite memorable. The bus was modern AC Tourist Bus and it was comfortable and bus fare was around 750. I remember as our bus was moving down along Thankot hill, one singer : “Gaine” came into our bus and started playing his instrument and sang some nice songs related to Baglung. I consider him to be clever because he was in the bus that was heading to Baglung and he sang songs related to Baglung, and yeah everyone loved it.

I was in the first seat, and he was singing standing in front facing all passengers. It was already couple of minutes he was performing but nobody cared. One idea came to my mind: to record the video. :D I am fond of recording videos and posting on youtube. I thought “if I directly start capturing video then he might be aggressive at me”, so first I gave him 50rs and asked if I could record, he signalled yes! :D, and yeah I was the first to give him money, later all started giving him money. It was really a wonderful experience.

Check out his performance, I bet you will love this.

The other memory of the bus ride was, the bus was AC bus , and the staffs were so clever that they used to switch off the AC time and again. And the sad part was, the windows were all closed permanently, they couldn’t be opened, I felt suffocated time and again.

Also, they had Wi-Fi service but that was too disgusting, I asked for password, connected but there was no internet, I became angry so what I did was I logged in to the router’s admin interface and performed a factory reset :D . Later, during lunch break I came to know that there was no Wimax device in the roof of bus, they were just operating router, and cheating passengers saying they don’t know whats wrong. :D

I reached Baglung Bajaar in the evening and I stayed in home of my mom’s sister. Next morning I went for morning walk around the Bajaar, and distributed the invitation cards to relatives for my Grandmother’s “Chaurashi Puja” (Religous Event on occassion of a person when s/he reaches 84 years). Later went to my mamaghar, had lunch and set out with brother to get refreshed in the long bridge. Had some good air, and yeah, I wanted to take a picture of me and the bridge since long. I used to thought when I reach Baglung I would take a similar photo that I took after completing my high school.

Burtibang Bajaar, Baglung

Then in the afternoon, I took a Jeep, got seat in the middle row and it was so tight that three others at my side were so fat and I was the only with small body. After ride of about 3 hours I reached Hatiya. And I felt so great that the highway to my home from Ghodabane was pitched, and now we can reach home so quick. Before as the road was unmetalled, the journey used to be so difficult and used to take a lot of time.

I reached home in the evening, relaxed, met my family, my Bhanji and yeah I felt so good being home. Next day, early morning, my Bhanji came to my room and knocked the door, it was around 5 am. She sleeps early in the night and wakes up early. And she didn’t let me sleep. She started searching my bag, and found one toy excavator that I had brought for her. And it was still dark outside, she wanted to take it out and play with it. :D I slept again, and later I knew she played with it. She loved it so much, as it was wonderful, moving the buttons in remote would move the vehicle. I thought about me at her age, I don’t actually know how was I then, probably I used to play with stones and eat mud. :P . In the morning, Rihana took me for a morning walk around my neighbors. She took me her classmate’s house, and she played with him for a while. We walked for a while, took some photos and returned back.

Hatiya Bajaar in the morning
Namaste from Rihana

And days started passing by, I used to work in fields, harvesting paddy, cooking for the workers and more. And also, the Chaurasi Puja was on the way, so had to prepare a lot for the event. Ranging from buying small things for “Jagya” for Puja to the food items to prepare for the guests. It was really a tough time. But I enjoyed working a lot.

Harvesting Paddy

We celebrated “Chaurasi Puja” in grand way. It went for two days, and all our relatives were coming to our home for helping, preparing everything, serving guests, and making it happen. Me and my brother were busy, busy a lot. We were recording video, taking photos, sitting in puja, talking with guests, managing everything. It was hectic time, but also it was great!

Check this special Panche Baja video, which I recorded upon requesting them, Its getting good views in youtube. :P

They say "Dirty Hands - Sign of Clean Money"

Also, after being home, I connected my home to the internet. This is the age of Information Technology, and internet has changed the way world lives, communication has been much cheaper. The primary reason for connecting my home to internet was for communication purpose. I wanted my Bhanji to make video call with her mother in Japan, see her live, and talk. Also, We would save lot of money on phone bills. Viber, facebook, messenger calls has totally revolutionized the way we communicate.

Banana, ready to go under hibernation to ripen
On the early morning of Dashain, Time for Ping
Selfie from the break
Ploughing the land, time to sow wheat
	... to be updated soon, check back later! :)