It gives me great excitement to write this that my hometown Galkot has its first ATM(Automated Teller Machine) machine in operation from today as reported by galkotkhabar.

Galkot is developing very fast in every sector including transportation, education, health, communication and banking too. Initially, being operated as Zenith Finance Limited , after merging, this firm is giving an A class banking service as Prabhu Bank. This bank is the one and only pioneer private bank providing banking service to the people here.

Galkot has very high population density. The major source of income here is remittance. It was being felt from very earlier a high need of ATM machine here in Galkot, so that people working or having bank accounts here and can easily withdraw money when needed.

Now, people can make use of this ATM machine to withdraw money from their national and international credit and debit cards. People can use their Visa, Master Card, and other several networks to withdraw money. And , I am pretty sure that a good revenue can be earned by the service provider for the inter-networking charges.

I hope this new service at my hometown will be of great use. I wish all Prabhu Bank’s customers as well as card holders from other banks utilize this service.

Jay Galkot!