It was a meeting of Brush Up Online, we were discussing about the preparation for National Cyber Olympiad - Second Inter School ICT Quiz 2072. At the end of the meeting, one of our senior sir said that there is going to be a vacancy for Computer Teacher in Naulo Jyoti School. At that time, I thought I could do but myself felt that I might not be capable to work as a teacher.

Frank to say, at these time, I used to apply to different part(full also) time jobs, and hadn’t done any job till then. I wanted to do some job, but as my study was also going on and because of various reasons I wasn’t able to do. After returning from the meeting, me and aadesh were having tea and I decided to try being a teacher! So that was a turning point for me, I called Sushil Sir, and said I am interested and would love to be a teacher. The primary purpose that I wanted to do job was for money. I wanted to earn some money, that would be a little help for my parents as I would be able to make my pocket money myself. Then next day, I went to school, talked with Principal sir, and he said me to join from next day. Luckily, I didn’t have to go through any observation classes. From next day, I started reaching school at around 10 am, and started teaching. At the very beginning days, I felt little hard to adapt the new environment. And for first 2-3 days, my voice used to be smaller as I had to speak all day long, and I felt difficuty in my throat. For the initial days, I went to classes and talked about random topics related to computer science and IT. It was little bit difficult for me to speak infront of mass in the beginning days but slowly I got accustomed, and my confidence raised. And I could speak without any diffculties in front of the classes. And then my teaching life started and gradually I started enjoying teaching, sharing ideas with students, motivating and encouraging them to use their creativity.

I had never thought before that I would work as a teacher in my life ever, I always said I wanted to become a doctor, pilot, engineer and so on in my childhood days. But you can never say, where life takes you. As we start living our life, various situation and circumstances come, that instigates you to do something, change your aim, take a different path, do whatever you think is right. Same happened to me, I wanted to make some money, I was kind of tired asking my parents for money everytime, and the expenses I have here living as a tenant is so high. College fees, rents, fooding and lodging and other various expenses made me realize that it would be great if I could save few thousand rupees of my parents. Other than the monetary aspect, the secondary reason for doing job, was to develop my personality, be a public speaker, learn to cope and deal with children, work closely with other colleagues, and know the meaning of life. And also, I always like to share ideas to others, motivate and inspire them to do something. These are the reasons that made me a teacher, a Computer Science Teacher to be precised! :)