It was the time of Maoist insurgency.

Maoists had closed our boarding school by setting fire. They didn’t want private boarding to open. That year, I was studying in class two of Galkot High School, a Government school.

Even though boarding school has been closed, some classes of high schools used to be in boarding’s building. Might be because high school couldn’t handle the massive flow of students.

As always, that day also classes were going on, and there came a loud sound like “gadgadgad”. It was coming closer and becoming loud. When we tried looking out from window of our classroom we saw a helicopter approaching near.

We all ran out of classroom into the playground to observe this green flying machine. It made some rounds around our school, as we were small we all were afraid and couldn’t guess what was going on.

We climbed school’s fence to observe whats going on. Helicopter landed at a distance of 100m from our school, and army people started coming out of it. They were equipped with guns and modern equipments, we couldn’t know what they were doing. They were moving around the plain field and testing something with the soil there.

Later only we came to know that Nepal Army was establishing a Security Base Camp there.

After some days, Nepal Army made a camp there, it was near to our school, sacks full of mud were covered with black plastics and made posts. Quite often, we could see armies observing surrounding with binoculours. After the camp was established, We started feeling secured and Maoist’s activities reduced to some extent. We could at least sleep in peace in the dark nights.

The camp was there for some time and later it shifted to a higher altitude about 3Km from our school and remained there for almost a decade and now it has been permanently established in Ghodabane with a Gulma, and I was amazed to find the same army brothers who trained us in Birendra Sainik School, who were our P.T instructors, who were all around us while being in school, there battalion had shifted there. Last year, while going to home, I happened to stop by there, and talked to those brothers, it was indeed good time, to see them.

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