And it has been really long since I have posted anything here. I wasn’t that busy though but I was little bit busy on my some personal work. Today, not so important but wanted to write some random things, this might not sound interesting for you, you can just skip reading this post. :D The reason I am writing this is because it will be acting as memo for me, so that I could read it later. I don’t write notes or anything so just updating my blog. :D

hmm, these months, I am going through some different routines than in the previous months. I was kind of busy last year when I worked as a Computer Teacher in Naulo Jyoti School at that time my schedule would be too tight too. I used to wake up early morning, go for college, and after college I used to go to school and work full time from 10 am to 4pm, and then I had Java classes from 5 to 6:30 pm and used to return to back home in the later evening being tired. You can imagine how much headache I might have got during returning back as there used to be heavy traffic jam. I left teaching job around 4 months before after working there for almost a year, it was great experience being a teacher. :) Now, I too have got some busy routines, let me write what I did today and you will know how my days are going thesedays. You can regard the writing below as my diary(dainiki) that we were taught to write in school :D .

Today morning, I woke up at around 5 am, and after being fresh, I meditated for 4minutes and then did some light exercise inside my room. It was already 6 when I went to nearby cow farm to get fresh milk, returning back I prepared coffee and tuned to Ujyalo 90 FM to listen to 6 am’s news. I left my room at around 6.30 for college, and was in college till 11.30 taking Software Engineering, Real TIme System and Compiler Construction classes. Then, I dropped off in Baneshwor and had lunch, and took a micro and came to office. I arrived at office at 12.30 , this is 30 minutes earler so I got much time to check fb :D . After spending office hours, after 5 returned back home, I reached home at around 7, had some rest. Did some college assignments and then had dinner at about 8 and slept at 10. Not that busy life but its busy for me. And yeah these days, I don’t get time to sleep in day time. :D Ok, this much for today, Keep visiting! I will be updating periodically.