People don’ t realize you are not a machine, They want you to be the most efficient and make you work as much as possible, like taking out the juice from lemon. They set their own parameters, define them for you and you should execute them in too inadequate timestamps.

You need to do multi tasking to finish their jobs, then your human mind can’t handle this all as you aren’t a machine, you encounter deadlocks, you don’t know how to solve. Rather you just get lagging behind as you must do all, you starve, your fuse blows, body aches, eyes burn out, as a result of overload and pressure you commit a silly mistake, and they get furious at you for that, you try rooting it out. You solve it, but still, you are not acknowledged, they think this all is simpler than simplest. Consequently, you body weakens, mind gets dull, you can’t do your own daily activities, you loss appetite, have no energy to took food rather diving to bed and closing eyes give you more energy than having food. You start procrastinating your own personal works as you think your mind and body aren’t in coordination( mind-body problem), even-then you need to move on, you need to breathe, you have many goals, and dreams.

The only reason you smile now is for the time you see yourself as a successful aim grabber, you find that you become successful after years, you achieve your target. Only this smile, gives you unweighted joys and reason to work hard now. So for this smile you work hard, no matter what. Because one day, you will be looking back at your past(these days) and say “only if I had quit it that time, this would be never possible”, after all bumpy- snaky roads make a good driver than a smoother straight one.

You have many reasons to live, smile and breathe.