Queen for Seven Days - Korean Drama Review
I love Sageuk dramas. K dramas have always been ‘heart soothing’ medicines for me. I love the plot, performances of actors and everything about it! However, it’s not everyday that you get to watch a ‘One in a million’ kind of drama and I have once again come across one. :)

One of the most beautiful tale which has so much sad plots, twists & turns and of course this drama will really make you cry all the time for the 20 episodes. :(

I don’t prefer sad stories however, I tried with this drama for once because of the several wonderful reviews and now, this story has made me write one. :)

Queen for Seven Days - Korean Drama Review

‘Queen for Seven days’ is a 20 episodes drama loosely based on Queen Dangyeong who became the scapegoat of the power struggle in the Josoen politics. Queen Dangyeong was deposed and had her title stripped just after the seventh day of her husband King Jungjong’s reign. This story is also based on the triangle love of the two brothers - King and the crown prince. Moreover, this drama shows the fate off star crossed lovers, who got married after several obstacles but never got to spend their lifetime together.

The traditional story goes like this - The queen got deposed and was sent off to the far away mountain, isolated from her husband. The husband, King Jungjong would always look over the mountain to see how his beloved was doing. The queen would then place the red skirt her husband gifted her to signify that she was alright and she still yearned for him.

Queen for Seven Days - Korean Drama Review

The drama had splendid plot. However at times I felt it was too much of a heartache to watch. Actors played really well, I mean, impressively well. The aura, the ambience this drama showcased was superb. Excellent acting, best cinematography, the music, instrumentals everything was perfect. However, I wished so bad to have a happy ending.I know happy ending was impossible because this is a historical drama and it would be worse to change the ending ofcourse.

The drama revolves around three main characters. Shin Chae Kyung, Lee Yok and Lee Yung Park Min Young, who played as Shin Chae Kyung (Queen Dangyeong) belongs to a wealthy, noble family. Her father is a very loyal servant in the palace and works for the King. She later gets married to Lee yeok. Lee Yeok, played by Yeon Woo jin is the young prince, the king’s brother. He and lady Shin fall for each other and are also the star crossed lovers. And, Lee Yung who is the King Yeongsam is played by Lee Donggun.Unpopular with people and extremely tyrannical king, he also falls for Lady Shin and protects her as much as he can.

Queen for Seven Days - Korean Drama Review

Lee Yung is the son of a former deposed queen and has always been undersetimated by his father. He has lived all his adolescence by hatred from his father and his step mother.

He loves his younger brother Lee Yeok with all his heart but his jealousy and insecurities regarding the throne compells him to sour his relationship with his beloved brother.

He then fakes his late father’s will and gets to the throne and starts his tyrannical rule on Joseon. He sees his younger brother as a threat however certain political incidents happen that turns out to castrate the younger prince, Lee Yeok from the palace. Lee Yeok seems to have been dead but returns after 5 years to avenge for what happened to him and to get on the throne as a revenge to his elder brother.

Queen for Seven Days - Korean Drama Review

On the other hand, Lady Shin has always missed her childhood buddy, Lee Yeok as both of them were set to marry since childhood ( as the wish of late King). However, due to the series of incidents, Prince Yeok disappears ( faked his own death). But Lady Shin nevers believes him to be dead. Fate brings these two together and they indeed get married but they never get to live together, the saddest part. :(

Lady Shin frequently finds herself between two brothers. The story turns out to be a love triangle between these three. Both prince try their best to secure her. However, she becomes the scapegoat of many political events and thus leaves palace in the end. In the last segment of the drama, it is shown that they both stay apart for 40 years yearning for each other. The King ( Former Prince Yeok) wears the dress sewn by her queen and looks at the mountain saying ‘I still love you my queen’ and the queen looks up high from the mountain wearing the red hanbok her king gifted her as a sign that she still misses her. Before leaving the palace, there is a scene that literally tears our hearts. :(

Queen for Seven Days - Korean Drama Review

King asks Queen not to leave and stay by his side while he reigns Joseon with justice.Queen in reply says that she has to go so that he does his job without any worries and political rivalries. He could call her ‘home’ and he can return to her (home) after he completes all his job as a king.

The last two minutes of the drama showcases that Queen Dangyeong returns to the palace after 40 years to stay with the King for the final few years. The king still wears the same dress her wife sewn for him. The queen still wears the same hanbok he gifted her. Then the queen sits with her king and says ‘My King, You are now home’.

Queen for Seven Days - Korean Drama Review

This 20 episodes were totally awesome. The actors took their portrayal to the whole next level. Park Min Young must have cried gazillionth time in the drama. I know this is a historical drama and there’s no way directors could mould any fiction here. But, I wanted a happy ending for them. Though the drama shows queen returning after 40 years but in real she dies all alone, childless.

Queen for Seven Days - Korean Drama Review
I wanted her to have a happy life with her King whom she waited all years to see his face. I wanted them to have a lovely family of 4. The King dreams about having a family with his queen.

Such a tragic tale of love where two lovers get married amongst the several circumstances but cannot stay together. Constantly fate tears them apart and political conspiracies break them down time and again.

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