Disabling automatic loading of last session in Sublime Text Editor

screenshot sublime Every time you open Sublime Text Editor even with subl . command, it might open two sublime editor windows with one previous session. You can generally stop previous session from being automatically opened by two simple ways:

  • before you exit sublime editor each time, from File menu make sure you Close All Files
  • or, navigate to to this directory :.config/sublime-text-3/Packages/User or something similar directory names

and find file with name Preferences.sublime-settings, in this file make sure there doesn’t exist "remember_open_files": true it should be false. Or if you don’t see anything follow below:

In this file, add following code inside:

	"hot_exit": false,
	"remember_open_files": false

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By Lakshman Basnet

Digital Media Marketer from Nepal who enjoys publishing web content, blogs and YouTube videos.