Just few minutes ago, I went to Github website to create a new repository and when I loaded the page for the first time, I though that it was because of network issues with Worldlink. :D This days, Wordlink keeps sucking time and again, so I thought internet did something wrong. But no, I was wrong, I refreshed, tried incognito and found that its actually black.

Actually, I disliked the new color design at the first time I saw. Dark looks something wierd. Also, being accustomed to particular color makes us difficult to adapt new changes.

I was wondering why my github navbar is ugly black, I thought that it was because of expressing some dark events or some bad incidence or I even suspected that my account was blacklisted. :D Then I went through some forums and found out that it was universal, I could see many people didn’t like it and already people are switching back the colors as black just distracts and catches eyes from all. Also, there is already a tool if you too feel same. Check this.

Github made this changes recently within last 24hours and a lot of design changes are coming as per Mark Otto’s tweet. Hope everything will be awesome!

Mark Otto's tweet about Dark Github header