Online Shopping Sites, eCommerce in Nepal

Nepal is slowly marching ahead in the technological revolution. Internet and mobile penetration are rapidly increasing day by day.

With the advent in technology, different online shopping sites have emerged since long and are providing e-commerce services to Nepalese people.

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Common Mode of Payment in Nepali eCommerce sites

Some online shopping sites, accept instant online payment options like PayPal, credit and debit cards, while local payment gateways like eSewa and Khalti are also of great choice among several other service providers.

Out of all, Cash on Delivery(COD) is the most used payment option in the context of Nepal.

  • International Payment Gateways (Credit /Debit Cards, Paypal)
    Very few eCommerce sites accept international payment gateways while some might accept local cards

  • Local Payment Gateways
    Major Nepali online shopping sites local payment gateways like eSewa, Khalti etc. These payment gateways are popular among Nepalese and have good active userbase.

  • Cash on Delivery
    Most preferred payment method by customers, Cash on Delivery (COD) is widely used.

With time, many sites came online, many are continuing their services while some have given up somewhere.

Here below, I have tried listing some ecommerce sites currently in operation in Nepal. I particularly mean the online shopping sites being operated from Nepal.

Even though, I will try my best to keep updating this list with time, if I have missed any do comment below!

List of ecommerce sites in Nepal

note: the table below doesn’t below any hierarchy! S. No. is just for ease of read.

S. No.Brand NameWebsiteproduct type product
2.Sasto Dealsastodeal.commulti product
3.Munchamuncha.commulti product
5.Hamrobazar.comhamrobazar.comnew and second hand classified market
6.Metro Tarkarimetrotarkari.comonline grocer
9.Shopmandushopmandu.commulti product
10.Dokomandokoman.commulti product
11.Foodmandufoodmandu.comFood ordering and Delivery
12.Bigpasalbigpasal.commulti product
13.eSewapasal (previously product
14.Bhojbhojdeals.comfood ordering and delivery
15.Sochekosocheko.commulti product
16.Smart Dokosmartdoko.commulti product
17.Mero Shoppingmeroshopping.commulti product
18.NepBaynepbay.commulti product
19.Phuche.compchuche.comkid’s item
20.Thulo.comthulo.commulti product
21.Bhakaribhakari.commulti product
22.Food Mariofoodmario.comHome cooked food item ordering and delivery service
23.Oliz Storeolizstore.comElectronics and apple products
24.Moonbaomoonbao.commulti product
25... comment below  

Did I miss any Nepali eCommerce sites?

Or do you want your site to be listed?

Comment below! 🙂