My Payoneer card hasn’t arrived yet, what should I do?

You may be wondering why your Master card of Payoneer hasn’t arrived at your place. You might have been waiting for it since so long, but you don’t see any signs of receiving it.

The probable reasons for card not being delivered are:

  • You entered incorrect shipping address
  • or, the local postal service didn’t deliver you the card not knowing your exact details

So, how to solve the problem?

  • Go to Payoneer’s website and login into your account
  • Go to the billing address and update your address if needed
  • go to the homepage and somewhere up, you will see, “Card hasn’t arrived yet? Click here”. Click there and provide the accurate postal address where you would like to receive the card. Provide the correct POB number.
  • So, its done, soon you will get a mail saying that your card has been shipped and the probable date for being delivered is around one month.

I recommend you to visit the Post Office self of respective POB number you have entered in your Payoneer account at the time of delivery time of the card.

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By Lakshman Basnet

Digital Media Marketer from Nepal who enjoys publishing web content, blogs and YouTube videos.