If you are a Google Adsense publisher based in Nepal, receiving your hardearned Adsense revenue don’t give you several options. Withdrawing your payment is possible either through:

  • Western Union Remittance
  • Wire Bank Transfer

For wire bank transfer, you need to have a bank account is USD, which is another hard story to get in Nepal.

So, for most publishers, Western Union has been the preferred payment method in Nepal from Google Adsense.

One usual method is to visit nearest Western Union agent near your location with the transaction code to withdraw money. But what if you want to receive it to your account staying in home?

This post is all about receiving your Google Adsense payment via Western Union in eSewa, one of the popular payment gateway of Nepal. Once you receive payment in eSewa, you can transfer it to bank account or use it for various transactional purposes.

To withdraw adsense payment to your eSewa account:

  • login to your adsense account
  • navigate to Payments menu Google Adsense Payment Nepal western union esewa
  • in next page, clicking on View Transactions which takes you to page like below: Google Adsense Payment Nepal western union esewa As in above image, you can see your transaction id in blurred section, you can note down or copy it or click on this link where you can get detailed information. what we need is this code

  • go to your eSewa account and navigate to Western Union from menu option.

We are making use of eSewa’s Western Union Pick up feature here.

  • Remember, your esewa id name and the payment details name in Google Adsense should match.

Google Adsense Payment Nepal western union esewa

  • paste your code and give few details
  • confirm the MCTN number Google Adsense Payment Nepal western union esewa

  • if the transaction was successful, a confirmation message will be displayed on the screen.

Google Adsense Payment Nepal western union esewa
You can also verify by viewing your eSewa statement.

Google Adsense Payment Nepal western union esewa

This is all, by now, your adsense earning must be in your eSewa account, now you can transfer to supported local banks, or spend the way you like!

Comment down, if you have any queries. :)

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