15 Best Places to Visit in Kathmandu

Here are some of the must-visit places in Kathmandu valley. These places are naturally beautiful, away from the noise and disturbance. You should definitely be to these places if you are searching for good places to date around.

  1. Nagi Gumba
  2. Sundarijal
  3. Banepa Pancheswori
  4. Botanical Garden, Godawari
  5. Garden of Dreams
  6. Manjushree Park Chobhar
  7. Bajrabarahi
  8. Sankhu
  9. Bajrayogini Mandir
  10. Phulchoki Tower
  11. Pashupati Durbar Square area
  12. Bauddha
  13. UN Park
  14. Gokarna
  15. Nagdaha

I will write about these places in detail about how to reach there, and more soon.